Revenge Porn Resources: Roundup of My Work on Non-consensual Pornography

As the Vice-President of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, I work on legislative, technological, and social solutions to the problem of non-consensual pornography (also called “revenge porn”). I have drafted model federal and state criminal legislation to protect sexual privacy with extensive input from First Amendment scholars, privacy experts, lawyers, judges, telecommunications and social media companies, civil liberties groups, anti-domestic violence and anti-trafficking advocates, and victims.

To date, I have advised legislators in 18 states and D.C. in the drafting of laws prohibiting the non-consensual distribution of intimate images, several of which have already passed. I am currently working with Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) on a federal criminal law protecting sexual privacy. An up-to-date list of states that have laws prohibiting non-consensual pornography can be found here; the National Conference on State Legislature’s resource page on state revenge porn legislation is here. You can find out more about the campaign to end revenge porn here.

Here are links to my various writings on the subject of non-consensual pornography, in roughly chronological order (most recent first), including a Guide for Legislators that outlines the features of an effective, constitutionally compliant law.

Popular Press/Blogs:

The Need for Sexual Privacy Laws (Brookings Institution)

The Internet’s Privacy Hypocrisy (The Daily Dot)

Precautions and Privacy (New York Daily News)

The Many Ways Twitter is Bad At Responding to Abuse (The Atlantic)

It’s Simple: Criminalize Revenge Porn, Or Let Men Punish Women They Don’t Like (The Guardian) (with Danielle Citron)

Why Revenge Porn Must be a Crime (New York Daily News)

We Need New Laws to Put a Stop to Revenge Porn (The Independent)

Legal Developments in Revenge Porn: An Interview with Mary Anne Franks (Concurring Opinions)

Why We Need a Federal Criminal Law Response to Revenge Porn (Concurring Opinions)

Why You Can’t Punch a Boxer in the Face When He Asks You for Directions: Consent, Context, and Humanity (Concurring Opinions)

Adventures in Victim Blaming: Revenge Porn Edition (Concurring Opinions)

The Sext Wars: Consent, Secrecy, and Privacy (Concurring Opinions)

Academic Writing:

Criminalizing Revenge Porn (Wake Forest Law Review) (with Danielle Citron).

Drafting An Effective “Revenge Porn” Law: A Guide for Legislators (SSRN)

Criminalizing Revenge Porn: Frequently Asked Questions (SSRN)

Combating Non-Consensual Pornography: A Working Paper (SSRN)

Related Articles on Free Speech and the Communications Decency Act Section 230:

Free Speech Elitism: Harassment in not the Price ‘We’ Pay for Free Speech (Huffington Post)

The Lawless Internet? Myths and Misconceptions about CDA Section 230 (Huffington Post)

On HuffPost Live discussing the theft of female celebrities’ photos and how abuses against women are treated differently from any other forms of abuse.

The Many Ways Twitter Is Bad at Responding to Abuse
My piece in the Atlantic about the Twitter harassment of Zelda Williams and how social media is designed for abuse.
Presumed Unworthy

My latest for the Huffington Post, on the shooting of Michael Brown and the lives that are presumed unworthy.

Privacy Piracy

I talk with “Privacy Piracy” radio show host Mari Frank about revenge porn and sexual privacy.

It's nearly impossible to get revenge porn off the internet.

It is refreshing to see media attention being given to a lawyer who not only fights on behalf of revenge porn victims but also deeply understands the legal, social, and technological complexities of the issue of nonconsensual pornography. For instance, he is appropriately contemptuous of the idea that copyright law can adequately address the problem (“copyright law is something that some of these free speech advocates have pointed to as a valid remedy, and that’s nonsense”), notes that criminalization efforts can help deter this conduct, refuses to engage in victim-blaming, and makes the (depressing but probably correct) observation that recent high-profile male victims may be what it takes for the issue to be taken seriously.

Legal Theory Blog: Franks on Revenge Porn Legislation

Legislators/activists interested in drafting “revenge porn” legislation may find this guide useful. I will be updating as more laws are proposed and passed.

Woman Confronts Catcallers and Secretly Films Their Reactions

Points for candor, I guess.

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By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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That only men incredulous of despair,
Half-taught in anguish, through the midnight air
Beat upward to God’s throne in loud access
Of shrieking and reproach. Full desertness,
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