Never let facts get in the way of hysteria: Techdirt falsely claims AZ revenge porn law requires registration as sex offender

Yes, they did correct it (sort of - the tweet they sent out with the error was never deleted or corrected) eventually. But the question is, how did they make such an error to begin with? Who was their source for this claim?

Ah, it was of course the pervert blogger who uses the word “jihad" to describe the attempt to obtain legal protection for sexual privacy and who has not even bothered to correct the error regarding the sex offender registry, if he is indeed aware that it is an error. Come to think of it, that’s really the kind of error that people only make when they are motivated by some kind of irrational agenda that blinds them to things like…facts. You’d think he’d be more careful after publicly embarrassing himself by completely misreading a key part of Section 230 - and you’d think Techdirt would be more careful about using him as a source.

But then again, that’s, what, 3 embarrassing errors/lies by Techdirt writers about revenge porn laws in the space of a few months? It is almost as if Techdirt has some sort of strange obsession with this issue that renders its writers incapable of meeting even the most basic standards of research or reporting.

I do hope I’m not hurting Tim Cushing’s feelings by pointing out his questionable research skills. He might storify me again, and then his equally sensitive Techdirt-er Mike Masnick might have to write another post about how pointing out errors is so aggressive and hurtful. If only either of them would spend less time dashing off hysterical, ill-informed screeds and more time learning about complexities of legal doctrine and sexual privacy issues. Happy to talk any time, gentlemen.

UPDATE 5/8/14: The blogger who was the source of this particular Techdirt error (and who knows how many others) regarding the Arizona law has still not corrected his post. Perhaps he just hasn’t had time between all the pearl-clutching and English language-mangling he’s been doing on Twitter lately (if only someone would tell him that the definition of “ad hominem attack” is not “accurate description of a person’s actual offensive behavior”!). Or perhaps he’s finally dropped all pretense of “critique” and and embraced the full-on propaganda mode that suits him so much better.

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